1. Watch the video

2. Download :
The manual

Print and read this manual

The letters patterns

Print these diagrams and choose your letters

3. Create a letter by taking 5 photos

In summary:
– Get together with friends and family (at least five to eleven people per letter; at least three to nine for a punctuation mark) and dress up as The Tramp. Don’t forget to follow all sanitary precautions recommended by your local authorities (mask-wearing included) for a gathering of two or more people.
– Find a clear space, such as a park, square or field, near by you
– Choose a letter and position the people according to the corresponding diagram
– Take photos of your tramps‘ lines in the five different positions.
– Send us your 5 photos via the online form
If you had fun making this letter, please feel free to send us others!

4. Read the terms and conditions, fill out this form and send us your images

Sauf accord express de votre part ci-dessous, votre adresse sera utilisée uniquement pour vous envoyer votre lettre finalisée, vous informer de la mise en ligne de votre lettre et de l’avancée du projet

I would like to participate in the draw on 05/25/2021 which will designate 3 winners for a stay (excluding transport) at Chaplin’s World

Please download and read our terms and conditions, and the transfer of copyright clause, before ticking the box below. In summary:
- You hereby assign copyright of your photographs to the organizer so that they may use them freely, in accordance with the above-mentioned transfer of copyright;
- You assume liability for all the participants giving their consent to appear in these photos;
- During the photo shoot, you upheld the sanitary precautions in effect in the country where the photo was taken.
We reserve the right to refuse photos that do not meet our requirements for size, quality or content.

5. Discover your letter (after a period of time)

Wait a few days while we examine and edit your images in order to create your letter. You will receive an email once your letter has been uploaded in the gallery. You can share your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #LETUSALLUNITE and tag @charliechaplinofficial, @charliechaplinmuseumfoundation and @chaplins.world. The best photos will be shared and published for our fans.

If you had fun making this letter, please feel free to send us others!

Your submission may not be taken into account if we encounter technical difficulties or if the quality, size or content of your pictures do not meet the exact requirements laid out in the manual.